Thursday, December 27, 2012

It Is a Wild Wild Market Dude !!!

At I am writing this the KLCI hits another record high at 1682.39. It doesn't matter how e call it. Window dressing kah, election effect kah or CNY  rally kah.... I just can't fill the bull broadly. Where is the participants of the game actually ? In comparison to about a month ago, generally what is actually pushing the market higher and higher ? I it is perplexing and I am not comfortable with it.
It is no pointing what is actually pushing the market so the "expert" will tell us all sort of stories. Believing that this is because of the spell of Saruman from Mordor is not entirely absurd at all. The analysts would only come out with tons of explaination when the show is over which is merely academic to me.
From 1600 several weeks ago till now at 1682, I just cant see the major market move or rally. The volume is thin. For me I am out it is the best time to consolidate the cash and wait for the " durian runtuh ". The ironic thing is I am always wrong in timing the market. Never been right !!! :) Adios.

Watching List :
1. Hartalega
2. Allianz
3. Cypark
4. Padini ( Reserve unless it is super cheap )
5. Well Fargo ( WFC )
6. Symetra Financial ( SYA )
7. Apple ( APPL )
8. Lucadia ( LUK )