Friday, September 28, 2012


Cypark just announced it current quarter financial result. As usual I eat my own cooking. Long Cypark several weeks ago and add more few days ago. The P & L is good. The balance sheet is so so .... But the cash flow did pop my eyes. it is a pretty straight forward business. I land filled the solid waste. the land cant be used for any purpose. So it convert it into a solar panel fields. Sell/export the electricity to TNB. Of course the solar power is not the main business but its potential is huge. It is a capital incentive business ( solar power ). My mind won't troubled shall the cash flow is manageable to sustain this business model. but the current quarter cash flow is arrrrrrr...... It is a warning sign. Big one some more. Click the link to read the result. Check the cash flow.
Overall the business model is quite stable. Hmmm need some brain storming this coming weekend. Happy trading. I shall be beware of the post budget market too. Need to be cautious man ....