Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It Is A David Lynch Movie Market !!!

It has been two months. Being busy with my best investment so far. Taking care of my 2 months old daughter then. ( Now 4 months loor :) ). Anyway back to business. It is a strange market out there. Just like a  David Lynch movie, the market is fairly strange. Economic fronts doesn't look rosy. There are tons of problems way ahead. But the bull is keep on charging ahead especially KLSE. It has been recording a new high for the past few days. I can't find a reason for that except the " feel good " sensation when we are approaching the coming general election. Sold half of Hartalega ( unwillingly ) because need to consolidate my accounts in SG to MY. Paying too much fee to SG brokers in comparison to Click Trader account. Call it bad timing or bad luck ( sold it at RM3.87 ), by the time the " bullet" be transferred to MY, Hartalega sky rocket and I ain't an superman who can catch a flying rocket.... I have a year plus to do the transfer but I choose to do it a year plus later. The morale of this incident is don't drag something which should be / could be done immediately.
Is this the epilogue of the coming storm ? Frankly, with over 50% cash in hand I don't give a damn about it. If it tanks, I am happy. If it goes up further I am also happy. Being in the market since 1998, I have never been so comfortable with my current position. Bear in mind the market won;'t goes up forever likewise the market won't tanks to zero. Preparing ourselves could be the best strategy at this point of time. unless you have a ball as big as a cow, be 100% in stocks carry huge risk. When the election is called and the " feel good " sensation fades, some one is going to feel the pain of catching the falling knife. 
I have been talking to 2nd brother the other day. I told him that if you are making less than 10% or worse losing your capital for the past 2 years, stock market is not the place for you. You could blame it as bad luck or whatever it is. The bottom line is you are loosing money in a bull market. Something must have gone wrong instead of bad luck. There is something one needs to look into.
I have a friend told me he " cham lan dou " of knowing me for he is making quite handsomely these 2 years. I told him to study the counters I mention further before making a decision. He said " Friend, I have no idea about anything at all, you are much better in it than me. You are betting on that counter much more than me, if I loose $$$, it is fate lah " .... I was like haiizzzz.... It is not an good idea to blindly follow. Everyone makes bad bet in the market. I made bet bet in JCY, EAH, CHAODA, and etc .... I hope he reads this and be a bit vigilant and not over confidence in this bull run. Happy Trading.