Thursday, August 18, 2011


Puprposely took a day off to attened Hartalega AGM. Have to get a personal touch on this counter since I am betting big time on Hartalega. I was sitting at the back ( I am the shy type ) hence, I was having problem to listen carefully what was presented by the "Kuan Family ". Nevertheless, I was impressed by them. I can't post what information that I get from the AGM here because what I get from there might not be 100% accurately imterpreted. However for the ones who are interested to know please feel free to email me at I would try my level best to answer to you. Again, I must stress that it is my own interpretation and I am not representing Haralega. My own opinion doesn't warrant a recomendation to buy or sell. I eat my own cooking and I expect you al the same. Happy trading

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Number Speaks

As I mentioned in my previous post dated 30 June 2011 ( Here ), which I have put the quote by Mr Thai into record for future reference. I would like to highlight it again here.

“The holiday [good times] for nitrile glove makers is over. There was a 22% jump in nitrile costs from May to June as oil prices spiked. We believe players with huge nitrile capacity would see margins squeezed in 2Q due to the high prices,” Thai told reporter.

In the post I said :

" I never like a boastful CEO. So I would like to put this in record and see who will have the last laugh. If you can only acheive 10-15 % margin, that desn't mean your competitor can't squeeze that out."

 The number speaks louder. ( Here ) The net margin is 25.0 %. Again Hartalega delivers.

With the oil price plunging to below USD80.00. Would Hartalega deliver in the coming quarters ? The chance is high. Happy Trading. Logng Hartalega.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are You Prepared ?

Are you prepared for the selloff ?The roller coaster is sliding down toward the bottom. It is going to be emotional ride again. Other than guru like Buffet, Prabai, Watson and the others, it is hard to believe anyone not to be emotional affected when the cart is speeding down the hill. So everyone will say cash is king now. Yeah right, unless you deploy the cash, it remains a pile of paper. Period.
It is bullshit to tell us what to do now or what shall we avoid now. It is time to prepare your shopping list. So what is it your shopping list ? Here is mine just for the fun of it.
US-- Well Fargo ( WFC ), Apple Inc ( AAPL ), Symentra Financial ( SYA ), Mitsubishi UFJ ( MTU ), Berkshire Hatchaway ( Brk.B  )
HK--Standard Charted ( 2888 )
Bursa -- Hartalega ( 5168 ), Allianz , CIMB, Public Bank, Aeon Credit, EAH
So what is in your shopping list mind to share ?
Happy trading.