Monday, April 18, 2011

Oji San Stock

Again Uncle Teh delivered an impressive result yesterday. with the annualized earning of 90++ sen Public Bank is current trading at PE 14. By comparison with others major bank in the world i.e Well Fargo, JP Morgan and etc it is considered cheap/undemanding. Yes, I do wish I have bunch of Public Bank. Just .... Oji san is still Oji San. ( Oji San = Old Man ). It is just not as exciting or promising as Hartalega or Allianz. I can understand why most of the local analysts don't like to cover it. Do you want to see a turle on a F1 track ? Analysts also cari makan juga. If they are boasting a stock which doesn't promise speedy appreciation who wouuld like to read it leh ? Would I like to own a peice of Public Bank ? Of course I do... But not now looorrrr.... I still prefer to watch a F1 car on F1 track. I am just too impatience.
As a retail investor, time and patience are the only tools we have to succeed. Aiii... bad habit is just too hard to get rid of. Just wish me good luck.
To me US stock is very promising. I love to have some Japan equity as well. That is why I long MTU. And ADR ofMitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. Yes we can have a piece of Japanese company by buying it's ADR. Here is what it is. ADR . Here is the list of Japanese ADR that you can buy via CIMB Itrade. 

Adios. Happy trading.