Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Belated Birth Sg Buaya

I didn't realize that this blog was one year old several days ago. Yeah time is flying. I didn't enjoy a spectacular return for 2010 but still holding to Hartalega as the key investment. 
"Bragged" about concentrating investment before in my previous post. Was told again that it is better to diversify. Somehow I wonder these people get what I mean or not. What diversification does these bunch of people mean ? 10 k over a counters of  10 ? 100k over a counters of 10 or 1 million over a counters of  10. 3 different cases would lead to 3 differences scenario. You may think :
Case 1 : 10k over 10 is too diversified
Case 2 : 100k over 10 is maybe yes to some or maybe not to some  too diversified.
Case 3. 1 Mil over 10 is maybe yes to some or maybe not to some  too concentrated or not so diversified.
If I keep on increasing the figure it will lead to several more scenarios. Of course it is stupid to suggest 100 Bil over 10 because one may end up buying several companies in Bursa Malaysia.  So what the devil do these bunch of people mean by diversification ?  And I loath when they associate risk with their " diversification ".   I just can't see the link. Investing into a bad company is a bad investment, investing 3 bad companies would not make it  profitable. It probably make it worse.
The way I interpret their meaning by diversification is they do not sure what companies are they investing in. Buying an insurance by diversification is 1 + 1 = 2. They will insist that will reduce the risk of losing. But the other side of the story is it will reduce the probability to strike BIG  as well. Navigating carefully on a few counters carefully is better than spreading your concentration on too many counters. Of course it will depend on how much capital do we have.
Another thing is the advice always keeping certain percentage of capital just in case a rare opportunity arises. How much ? I am not sure. Some said 20% or 30%. But at certain point of time, we just need to deploy of the missiles or bullets. Otherwise waht is the point of keeping the remaining 20% or 30%.
There are so many parameters that we could use as a function of risk. I just don't think their "diversification" is one of them.
P/S : We could always sell the counter in a blink of an eye. So is concentration investing is riskier than  diversification ? I just don't think so. Enough on this topic. I am bored to listen to this kind of crap again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get a life !!!

I am very much troubled by the earth quake in Japan. It is such a tragic. Not only life were lost in a blink of an  eye but houses, properties probably everything to some was lost. Now facing with a potential nuclear crisis, I just hope the worst won't happen. My mood was troubled for the past few days. But they are some morons out there makes it worse today. Kan ni nah ... What do you " moron " mean by " Japanese were punished now because of what they did in WW 2 ". What do you the " moron " means by " The Japan government has not admitted and apologized of what they did during WW2".
Don't you moron know how to differentiate what is politic and what is humanity. F@@@ you, get a life and open your bloody shallow mind. The victims are innocent and they are human being too. Do you moron sleep better by watching the footage of the wreck left by the tsunami ? I just don't f@@@ing understand these morons.
It was bloody 60 yeras ago. And it was the past. We human being move forward. Only fools and morons kept their retarded mind in their backyard. What would you say if someone told you that anything bad happens to you or your family is because of the bad karma from your previous life. A human is a human. We are born not greater or better. We grieve if a life was lost. I am not expecting you morons to cry over the tragic. But to putting salt on the wound is the last thing you morons shall do. Another CBL publish a cartoon on Nerita Harian the other day. I am speechless to read about it. In fact I feel ashamed of being a Malaysian to tell the others that a Malaysian daily has produced such a tasteless and stupid joke. Enough said. You morons spoiled my week. Again get a life.
Ohhh yeah .. our government is going to build not 1 but 2 nuclear reactor. Is that a bloody joke ?  I read the lines " we are going to presse ahead with the reactors ". My mind is blown away. At this moment of time, the America, the Sweden and even the German are putting a brake of their projects to get more information and detail  or valuable lesson experienced by the current crisis in Japan, but Malaysia is going ahead. That is why we are always a laughing stock to the foreigners. Look at what our 1st lady said ....  This is how stupid we are. We do not have a proper nuclear institution. We do not have the law and protocol in place. We do not know how to build. We do not know how to operate. We do not even have nuclear energy courses provided by the university. I believe with fingers of a hand, we can count the how many nuclear experts we have. I am an engineer. I am not against the progress. But nuclear reactor  is not a pondok built by your kids at the backyard.  How prepared our government are to build and operate one ? Do we need that ? Last time they are just wasting our money to build over priced project. Now they are going to put my life on the line. Niam Mah ....   THESE MORONS ... get a life. ...